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VictoryLab™ (VL) is a web based, software application platform and is the first app to market that combines real-time data quantifying team chemistry and morale, the state of individual well-being, and in-the-moment mental health textual support. VL’s goal is to provide immediate, convenient and anonymous support to all of its users.

VictoryLab™ works to protect and support athletes, families, employees, and all of its users in non crisis and emergency situations. The ability to focus on real-time awareness of the well-being of its users, and a quantifiable understanding of the morale and team chemistry, provides a critical awareness of issues that could deter from optimal performance, whether in sport, life or career.

Increase the psychological safety in your organization.



Drive individual and team performance.


V-sport is a tool that gives athletes a platform to strengthen their mental game and coaches an opportunity to keep their finger on the pulse of their teams collective mental health.


Create a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.



V-biz offers businesses a tool that's built for how employees live today, so leaders can make data driven decisions to where resources are needed to help employees strengthen their mental and emotional well-being.


Get support, take control and take care of you.



Whether it be health care, education or support services, V-impact is a tool that supports the mental well-being of the caregivers in the world so they can continue to help the people they serve and protect.


In-the-moment support when you need it

PIPEDA Daily reporting carries over seamlessly across devices and uses sophisticated and above standard data encryption to keep your information safe and completely confidential.


“This platform is a great resource for companies to evaluate their workplace culture through honest, anonymous feedback. VictoryLab provides insight on how management performance and other employees are viewed through the eyes of company personnel. VictoryLab is a highly valued tool for all our employees.”

—  A. Hernandez

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