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VictoryLab for business, athletes and human services.

Our apps provide a personalized, customized connection between your organization’s leadership and team.  The result? Improved team dynamics, meaningful engagement, a responsive process towards positive emotional well-being and enhanced performance of your people.


VictoryLab for Athletes 

Athletes spend countless hours training their minds and bodies to succeed. Whether it be against their own goals or in competition, they have an internal drive to better themselves. We continue to hear headlines and heartbreaking stories of athletes that win the game but lose the battle - the battle with their own mental well-being.

That's why it's time to invest in a solution like V-sport, where your athletes emotional and mental well-being comes first.

V-sport gives your organization and coaches a tool to keep their finger on the pulse of their athletes' mental health.

V-sport provides anonymous, in-the-moment support. Athletes can share their thoughts on team cohesion, confidence, performance, leadership and conflict with certified counsellors.

V-sport collects key data that is analyzed and reported back to coaches and managers for evidence of the winning combination.  Our expert support and guidance will help your organization and coaches tailor policies and programs to your unique needs.



VictoryLab for business 

Did you know mental health concerns account for nearly 30% of short - and long-term disability claims and are rated one of the top three drivers of such claims by over 80% of Canadian employers? It's time to invest in your team's well-being and create a happier, healthier and more productive workplace. 

V-biz gives your team a simple, seamless way to seek help for their mental or emotional health concerns.  With our programs, employees get access to help far faster than searching through traditional networks and gives them a venue for emotional support in an anonymous, certified program that shares valuable feedback with leadership. Through V-biz, your organization can capture real-time data on individual confidence, conflict, team cohesion and more, and use it to address the needs of your team so they can performance at their best.


Built for how

employees live today

Inaccessibility and high costs are just some of the reasons why people fail to get the mental and emotional support they need.  With V-biz, you can help increase productivity and improve performance by connecting your teams with counsellors who work with their availability and teach them to skills to address their mental health concerns.



that sticks

Many people may hide their true innermost feelings for fear of how others–including their employers and colleagues—will react. By offering V-biz to your team, you’re helping remove the stigma around these issues and encouraging employees to be proactive about their mental and emotional well-being.  Grow the heart of your organization and invest in practices, well-being programs and a work culture where your employees - who work hard for you every day - feel valued and supported.


Be a leader:

Take employee wellness seriously



VictoryLab for Human Services

Did you know, in 2011, annual costs in healthcare, social services, and income support attributable to mental illness reached over $42.3 billion, which will increase to some $290.9 billion in 2041? The cumulative economic impact of these costs alone over the next 30 years is expected to reach more than $2.3 trillion.


The total cost from mental health problems and illnesses to the Canadian economy is significant. Health care, social services and income support costs make up the biggest portion of these costs, resulting in more than $6 billion in lost productivity for businesses.


Whether it be health care, education or support services, V-impact is a tool that supports the mental well-being of the caregivers in the world so they can continue to help the people they serve and protect.  


  • V-impact will connect your teams to trained and certified counsellors - anytime, anywhere - and give them the tools and skills to better their individual and team performance.


  • Through our mobile apps, your teams can share their thoughts on team leadership, tension, role clarity, team unity and more, in a safe space that is completely confidential.  


  • Your leaders can use the evidence-based data collected to inform policies, practices, programs and culture so your organization can become an innovative leader in mental and emotional wellbeing.  In doing so, you will help create a healthier, more inclusive and productive work environment.

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