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What is VictoryLab about?

VictoryLab makes access to critical supports available and affordable for all.  We are committed to making a difference in the lives of people by providing a means for them to conveniently connect with counsellors in real time.


We created VictoryLab so more people could benefit from programs that help them overcome their day-to-day challenges in an anonymous and stigma-free environment, allowing them to perform at their best as individuals and as part of a team.


Our programs also work with leadership by providing them with valuable data to help inform practices and policies within their organizations as a means of creating a strong, healthier and happier team.


Together, we are working towards changing cultures, changing lives.

How can VictoryLab improve my organization?

VictoryLab is a two part opportunity.  Firstly, we provide organizations with a tool to support their teams.  Through VictoryLab, team members will have access to trained counsellors, when they need it most and from the comfort of their own surroundings.


Secondly, our priority software gives executive teams an inside look at the overall emotional mental health and performance of their teams.  Our comprehensive dashboard collects critical data, which is then used to inform team morale, overall performance, policies and practices. Areas of specific data vetting include group cohesion, group confidence, intratream conflict, leadership, personal confidence, role clarity and emotional competency.

Can a minor sign up for VictoryLab?

Yes, however VictoryLab supports are only available through an organization.  As such, the minor would only have access through an affiliated organization, such as a team or school.


Are VictoryLab counsellors licensed?

Yes. VictoryLab contracts certified counsellors for monitoring and crisis counselling through our programs. Our counsellors have been carefully vetted and trained to use VictoryLab.  We do not use counsellors who are not fully licensed.

Is online crisis counselling actually effective?

Absolutely! Over the last decade numerous studies have shown the positive effect of online crisis counselling and therapeutic conversation.

Will I always have access to the same counsellor?

No. Due to the nature of crisis counselling, it is impossible to guarantee access to the same counsellor.  It is important to note however, all counsellors will be working from the same evidence based approach which supports anonymous interactions between the counsellor and users and ensures consistency for all app users.


How do you protect my privacy?

At VictoryLab your privacy and safety are our top priority. We are PIPEDA compliant and use above standard data encryption to keep your information safe and completely confidential.

Is VictoryLab completely anonymous?

Yes.  Personal data that is shared with us remains strictly with VictoryLab.  However, because we offer crisis counselling, if we feel there is eminent danger to an individual or others, the IP address of the user will be shared with the proper supports.


How much does VictoryLab cost?

VictoryLab is a fully customizable subscription service.  As such, pricing is dependent on the customized services requested. Sign up here.

How secure is your payment system?

Our payment system is 100% secure.  All personal information is maintained and secured by a national payment processor. We never store any personal financial information ourselves.

What forms of payment does VictoryLab accept?

We accept all major credit cards, as well as Paypal, EFT, cheque and money transfers.


How do I sign up with VictoryLab?

Simply go to our homepage and complete our sign up form.  After that, one of our specialists will reach out to you to discuss your organization/team needs and give you a good idea of what VictoryLab can do for you and your team.

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