September 11, 2018

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What can we do to prevent it?

With today, September 10th, being World Suicide Prevention Day, we at VictoryLab aim to educate and inform people of the high rate of adolescent suicide in Canada; but, most importantly, how we can prevent it.

It’s di...

September 5, 2018

(c) VictoryLab Inc. 2018

3 Back-to-School Tips for Students and Parents

As school starts back up so do the early mornings, the heavy workload, and the stress of performing well. Though it might be nice to finally get the kids out of the house and doing something, school...

August 28, 2018

(c) VictoryLab Inc. 2018

There are many events in our lives that create stress or anxiety; like the first day at a new school, an important presentation at work, or trying out for a sports team. Sometimes, the anxiety surrounding these big events can cause you to underp...

August 20, 2018

(c) VictoryLab Inc. 2018

As we at VictoryLab continue to raise awareness for mental health and develop a voice through our work, it’s important to look back and remember why we do what we do. Every organization starts with an idea, and VictoryLab is no different. To dis...

July 14, 2018

(c) VictoryLab Inc. 2018

With Stampede season in full swing, it’s easy to get caught up in the festivities. And while this time of year is exciting and fun, it’s also important to pay mind to the athletes who are participating in these rodeo events, especially in regard...

June 29, 2018

(c) VictoryLab Inc. 2018

"Black is beautiful. Hate is ugly. Women are as precious as they are stronger than any man I ever met. And unto them I say, 'Stand tall and crush all predators under the weight of your heart that is full of the love they will never take away fro...

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